Conscious To Go

Change: Limit our waste from food consumption during our workday. Action: As we all get back to work I would love to suggest thinking about packing yourself a low waste kit to use through out the day-waste and guilt free! Lunch Kit Utensils Roll Up-single use utensils are a huge waste stream, when we have perfectly good silverware at home we … Read More


Conscious Waste Bin

Change: Create the most efficient and sustainable waste collection system. Action: It is important to create a waste station in the home that works for you and the earth. Below is a simple way to break it down, divert as much waste as possible and not feel overwhelmed by your commitment to zero waste. -Dry Recycling -Compost Bin -Landfill Bin … Read More


Conscious Bathroom Products

Change: Make the bathroom more conscious. Action: This is a room in the house that can make a HUGE impact. Lotion, shampoo, body wash, shaving cream bottles, razors, toothbrushes, deodorants, ear swabs fill our landfills-most of these items and bottles are made of combine types of plastics and metals that make these items very hard to recycle. If you like … Read More


Conscious Pet Food

Change: Make our pets food as zero waste as possible. Action: This can be a difficult area of your life to get more sustainable in, but it is possible. I was determined to find a way and end my daily frustration with the packaging of pet foods and T-R-E-A-T-S. Not only is this idea more zero waste but it is … Read More


PPE Waste Stream Recycling Service AVAILABLE NOW!!!

Hello Conscious People! As you know Conscious Cleanup was created out of Cause; in the COVID-19 pandemic our Cause is focused on the collection stream of disposable GLOVES and MASKS. We hope to help divert this waste stream from ending up in a landfill by implementing a collection box within RESTAURANTS, at MARKETS and at local BUSINESSES. If you find … Read More


Conscious Thirst

Change: Reduce the waste from my beverage consumption. Action: Of course water is the best beverage for your body-life itself is created from water… But I am a very thirsty person, I gulp beverages, I don’t drink them and I find myself not completely satisfied with w a t e r…(water break, gulp gulp gulp) I began my zero waste … Read More