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Frequently Asked Questions

Single stream recycling, also known as mixed use recycling, is a great concept but fails to ensure all items actually get recycled. When you do not sort your items and instead put them all in one bin they contaminate each other and items that could normally be recycled are sent to the landfill. By properly sorting and taking recycled materials directly to the recycling center you are avoiding contamination and ensuring every item is recycled, thus lowering your carbon footprint and getting us closer to a world with zero waste.

We know the trash business isn’t glamorous, but rest assured all ambassadors will be in a clean Conscious Cleanup uniform, freshly showered, and possibly smelling better than your staff.

No you do not – we can drop off and pick up our bins and recycling materials BUT we highly recommend our onsite ambassadors, not only do they set up, maintain, and remove the bins but they are also there to educate guests and staff on proper recycling methods. In addition they serve as extra production hands and can do “trash sweeps” and help keep the entire event tidy. All ambassadors are trained on event and production etiquette.

We understand branding better than anyone. If you want us to wrap our bins to match your brand we can quote you on that cost. If you want to provide your own bins for “front of house” and let us handle the sorting back of house we are happy to do that as well. Our ambassadors can also dress in show blacks in order to go unnoticed if that is preferred. On that note, our bins, water stations, and ambassadors are open to Corporate Sponsorship to help offset any costs.

Our goal at Conscious Cleanup is to help events go to zero waste that means providing any, all, or a portion of our services. Any step you can make towards zero waste is progress and we are grateful to be a part of it.

If you haven’t noticed yet, aesthetic is very important to us. Our vans are just as clean as our ambassadors. Depending on event size we will arrive in a cargo van or box truck. They are white with our logo on the side.

No such thing, we cater to any size event.

We use commercial grade plastic liners made from recycled materials and we take a step further to rinse our bags after use and reuse them.

We use recycled bamboo charcoal filters in and around our bins to avoid any smells – our on site ambassadors have been trained to know the minute a bin begins to smell it’s time to seal it up and take it to the van.

Within 3 days of your event we will email you your waste characterization report on the recyclable material that you diverted from the landfill.

Yes – we will work with L.A. shares and other local services to find a home for any donated items. If we donate to a non-profit program that accepts tax-deductible donations we can have this donation made in your business’s name and provide you the receipt for tax purposes.

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