diversion stations

Diversion Stations

Focus on your event, let us focus on your waste!

Our custom recycling bins and ambassadors will do all the work.

Our Process

Conscious Cleanup ambassadors arrive at desired time to set up the diversion stations on location. Once the stations are set up the ambassadors will monitor and maintain them. They will assist staff & guests on which bins they should be throwing their recycled materials in. Ambassadors will empty bins when full and store them in the Conscious Cleanup vans until after the event. Once the event is over the ambassadors will take the recycled materials to the recycling facility where it will be processed and eventually made into new products. We will also provide you with diversion analytics so you can see how much waste your event diverted from the landfills.

Know Before You Throw

Our stations are composed of 6 bins, each properly labeled to avoid confusion. Even with proper labeling, recycling can still be very confusing and that's why the ambassadors are there to
oversee and maintain the process.


Paper Bins

What’s Allowed? Dry paper, cardboard boxes, newspaper, magazines, catalogs, envelopes, junk mail, paper bags, paper back books, scratch paper, chipboard, wrapping paper, note cards, shoe boxes, detergent boxes, paper towel rolls, toilet paper rolls.

What’s Not Allowed? Soiled, laminated or waxed paper products. Paper may not be plastic laminated, food soiled, or waxed, no soiled paper plates, paper cups, napkins, tissues, paper towels, or pizza boxes.


Plastic Bins

What’s Allowed? Recyclable plastic usually comes with a recycling symbol printed on the bottom and depending on the product, there will be a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 stamped in the center of the symbol. It’s easy to miss, but this tiny digit is important, it's a resin identification code, used to help recycling plants sort materials.

What’s Not Allowed? No unmarked plastic.


Glass Bins

What’s Allowed? Glass bottles and jars.

What’s Not Allowed? No drinking glasses, ceramics, dishes, mirrors, window glass, or light bulbs. Broken glass bottles allowed but not small pieces of broken glass.


Metal Bins

What’s Allowed? Aluminum cans, tin cans, steel cans, foil, aluminum food containers, aerosol cans (emptied), wire hangers, emptied paint cans.

What’s Not Allowed? Batteries.


Compost Bins

What’s Allowed? All fruit and veggie scraps, leaves and plant trimmings, coffee grounds, filters, and tea bags, egg shells and dairy products, meat, fish, and eggs, including small bones, nut shells and nut butters, bread, pasta, rice, and grains, cooked foods such as leftovers, cooked meats, and oily foods, paper towels and their paper tubes, soiled napkins, bamboo or palm serveware/cutlery, wooden toothpicks, skewers, popsicle sticks, and chopsticks, paperboard packaging and serveware clearly labeled "compostable".

What’s Not Allowed? Bin liners, plastic bags or wrappers, plastic wrap, tape, stickers/sticker backers, gum, oil, synthetic sponges, rubber gloves, diseased plants, or those treated with pesticides, animal waste or large bones, diapers, wipes, or human waste, biohazard, medical, or feminine hygiene products.


Landfill Bins

What’s Allowed? Anything that can’t go into the recycling bins above, for example, soiled napkins, soiled tissues, chip wrappers, candy wrappers, diapers, feminine products, paper products with plastic lining, gum, anything less than 2.5” in diameter.


Miscellaneous items

What’s Allowed? Lightbulbs, E-waste and large cardboard items can be handed off directly to 
a Conscious Cleanup ambassador.

Our Stations

We provide the 6 bin stations and reusable liners. Each bin is 3’ tall and 2’ wide, a full station taking up an 11’ footprint. Depending on your location and event layout we can figure out the best custom station set up that fits your needs.

Our Pricing

Every event and production is unique - we will work with your team to provide the best waste management solution for your needs. Please fill out our contact form or email us at: