Conscious Waste Bin

Change: Create the most efficient and sustainable waste collection system.

Action: It is important to create a waste station in the home that works for you and the earth.
Below is a simple way to break it down, divert as much waste as possible and not feel overwhelmed by your commitment to zero waste.

-Dry Recycling
-Compost Bin
-Landfill Bin
-Cleanout Box

Having a sorted garbage station should include, separating food waste and dry recycling from your landfill bin. The landfill bin will in turn have less of a smell and have less bulk. This diversion approach cuts down on landfill drops and the single use plastic from the bin liner. I do not line my recycling or compost bins. Those get washed with the hose, sink or shower.

Compost is the best option for food scraps. Keeping this carbon out of the landfill and creating enriched soil for more food to grow in, is a true closed loop system. If you can’t compost at home think about using a weekly pickup or drop off service. Conscious Compost weekly pickup service will be available in Fall 2020 and will accept; fruits, vegetables, table scraps, fish, meat and dairy.

Enrichment: Many items that are not recyclable at the curbside are still recyclable. The Cleanout Box is where I keep those items until my box is full for a pickup.

Those items include: batteries, lightbulbs, pens, corks, latex gloves, rubber bands, nails, hangers, cords, toothbrushes, razor blades, prescription bottles, mascara wands, ziplock bags, electronics, ink cartridges, tools, clean plastic wrap, water filters, packaging supplies, foil bags, and much more!

If you are interested in a Cleanout Box click here!

Let’s all do our part to be more conscious about our waste!!

Know Before You Throw!!