Conscious To Go

Change: Limit our waste from food consumption during our workday.

Action: As we all get back to work I would love to suggest thinking about packing yourself a low waste kit to use through out the day-waste and guilt free!

Lunch Kit
Utensils Roll Up-single use utensils are a huge waste stream, when we have perfectly good silverware at home we can bring rolled up in a cloth napkin or splurge on a bamboo roll up. You can now request or add to your preferences in many apps, zero utensils or napkins be added to your order. Small change-HUGE impact!

Straw-sometimes these come in the utensils roll up but I prefer a separate reusable option to have with me when I choose a cold to-go beverage-in my own cup-of course!

Coffee Cup-this is very important and may even earn you a discount at locations you frequent. This could be an actual mug if you are staying in or at the office, could be a nice silicone pop up option so you have no excuse not to carry it. So many options here! And should be utilized for all beverages.

Water Bottle-this is a habit you should embrace like you remember your keys, you remember your water bottle.

Smoothie Jug-I love having this additional option to keep in my gym bag or car for when I need a quick waste free snack. I use a large mason jar- I like a large smoothie!

Condiments-this is very personal to your tastes and what makes your foods taste better without single use waste from packets and plastic. I don’t leave home without a mini bottle of my favorite hot sauce and a metal container of salt and pepper.

Cloth Napkin-say no to the paper napkins! SO many paper napkins are being used when lunch is served and many of them end up in the trash un-used, this can be an easy initiative to implement. Roll your silverwear up in it and really impress yourself, you may just start a trend!

Shopping Bag-for the trips for to-go food or snacks through out the day or groceries for dinner-no excuse these days not to have a shopping bag with you they can fold up into the size of a quarter.

Canvas Bags-for the croissant or the muffin or bread at lunch or any to-go item that they want to wrap up for you.

Containers-carry a small container with you in your bag for those work lunch leftovers-you will inspire others to do the same.

Reusable Zip Pouches-these are great for bringing your bulk snacks from home-waste free.


Enrichment: Lemon Zalt!

This is a flavored salt to take in you lunch kit made with the zest of the lemons you use daily or from the lemonade recipe I suggested in the Conscious Beverage Blog. 

Super easy zero waste recipe below!

Zest from as many lemons as you can get- if you have one-use one!

Ratio of 1 to 3 for the zalt is basically all you need to keep in mind.

I would use a good but not super high end salt for this-definitely sea salt flakes!

Mix the zest with the salt.

Use your fingers to rub the zest into the salt to get the flavor into the crystals.

Blend and transfer to a container.

Add it to your lunch kit and never be without flavor again!


Know Before You Throw!