Conscious Thirst

Change: Reduce the waste from my beverage consumption.

Action: Of course water is the best beverage for your body-life itself is created from water… But I am a very thirsty person, I gulp beverages, I don’t drink them and I find myself not completely satisfied with w a t e r…(water break, gulp gulp gulp)
I began my zero waste lifestyle in 2017 and began to choose everything including my beverages more consciously. It would take me forever to find something to drink, I would walk around stores and say why is everything in plastic! Then leave thirsty and frustrated. I would sometimes get the juice or lemonade in glass bottles when I could find them, and so my collection of glass bottles grew quickly, yet still reliant on trips to the store to be quenched.

Out of that frustration and an abundant inventory of glass bottles I dug deeper into the zero waste lifestyle.

Here are a few ways to make your beverages more zero waste friendly:
=> buying oranges in bulk and making fresh OJ, zest every orange and use the peel to make zesty salt or sugar-orange sugar make incredible cookies!

=> juicing lemons, mixed with filtered water and simple syrup is a simple natural lemonade, you can even flavor your simple syrup, lavender is delicious!

• using loose leaf tea to make sun teas, add pineapple rind for a hint of flavor.
• fruit water, with fresh smashed fruit and herbs can be double refreshing.
• almond melk, can be flavored and the meal can be used to make cookies, crackers or even feed your dogs.
 try starting your own kombucha, you can flavor this too!
• iced coffee, getting a great iced coffee carafe is so worth it!
• farmers market fill ups, take your jars and bottles with you when you go to the markets, fill up on your favorites Yerba Mate, fresh juices or broth-this is a great way to shop sustainably.

Enrichment: Lavender flavored simple syrup recipe
8 tbsp any kind of sugar
8 tbsp of water
1 tbsp dried lavender

Combine all in small pot-simmer, stirring until all the sugar is dissolved.

Cool and strain syrup.

Add to sweeten as desired.

Know Before You Throw!