Conscious Cleanout

Know Before You Throw

We keep the stuff that can't be recycled curbside out of the landfill and into someone's hands who can reuse or recycle it sustainably.


Roughly 80% of items buried in a landfill could have been recycled.

Why Should I Do This?

There are many items that have a recycling stream but are not available through your traditional curbside recycling service. Conscious Cleanup’s Cleanout service will make sure none of your items end up in the landfill.


How Do I Make This Happen?

Sign up for our Conscious Cleanout Box service and we will deliver a box to you. Collect these hard to recycle items in your box and when it’s full contact us to schedule a pick up.
Want to lower our carbon footprint and collect these tricky items in your own box? We love that! Use a box or bag of your choice not exceeding 20”x15”x15” in size, collect these items and when your box or bag is full sign up for our Conscious Cleanout Box service and schedule pick up only. We will come pick up the items and divert them from the landfill!
No need to be home for pick ups or deliveries! Just leave your box outside for us.
Please Note: We will only come for a pick up when one is scheduled and confirmed.


What Items Do You Accept?

Some of the most common items we accept are batteries, ink cartridges, light bulbs, office supplies, electronics, household items. For the complete list of items we accept CLICK HERE

Let us help you lower your carbon footprint and ease the stress of recycling!

Let’s Get Started!